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Based on the lifelong pioneering work of Dr. John Elliott, the Elliott Center for Multiples offers the optimal environment for mothers expecting high-order multiples--triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, and more. Having delivered more multiples than any other doctor in the world, Dr. Elliott uses clinically proven protocols and precise patient counseling to achieve the best possible outcomes for mothers and babies.


While we cannot guarantee results, we have a track record to support our approach. We have published our protocols in professional journals and gladly share what we've learned. We strongly advise you to work with your medical practitioner to apply for the program, and we can assist you in speaking with your insurance provider. We cannot treat patients who have not been cleared to come to Phoenix to receive care at the Elliott Center for Multiples.

5-Step Process

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To be considered for the Program, you must apply online. The application must be filled out entirely and submitted before week 14 of pregnancy. Once we reviewed your application, we will follow up by phone.

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Apply Online

Qualifying applicants will be scheduled for a phone call consultation with Dr. John Elliott to review the application, state of the pregnancy, insurance requirements, and relocation needs.

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Apply Online

To be considered for the Program, you must apply online. The application must be filled out entirely and submitted before week 14 of pregnancy. Once we reviewed your application, we will follow up by phone.

Apply Now

Apply Online

Once the patient has completed the previous steps, the Elliott Center for Multiples will inform her of her acceptance into the program and schedule a timeline including the optimal timing for relocation to Phoenix for the duration of the pregnancy.

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Apply Online

Approved applicants will be required to relocate to the greater Phoenix area, in order to participate in the Elliott Center program. Please DO NOT MOVE to Phoenix before being approved. We cannot see patients who are not approved.

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Our Patients


To date, Dr. Elliott has delivered 108 sets of quadruplets with an average gestational age of 32 weeks and 3 days, versus the national average of  29 1/2 weeks.


Dr. Elliott has managed the delivery of more than 700 sets of triplets, and has increased the average triplet gestational age by more than 2 weeks compared to the national average.


To date, Dr. Elliott has delivered 23 set of quintuplets with an average gestational age of 33 weeks and 1 day, compared to the national average of 27 weeks.

Patient Stories

"We had one shot at this, and we knew we needed to go with the person who had the most experience and knew our situation the best."

- Michael Baudinet

Elliott Center Benefits

Dr. John Elliott and his team of physicians follow his proven protocols for safely and successfully delivering high-order multiples.

The Elliott Center partners with nationally acclaimed healthcare facilities and professional staff trained to support high-order multiples.


Located in Scottsdale AZ, the Center boasts a moderate climate year around plus access to affordable travel and local accommodations.

The Phoenix Mothers of Multiples group provides support during and after pregnancy to mothers who've relocated from other states.

Our Uniqueness

Each year, approximately 250 sets of quadruplets and 50 sets of quintuplets are delivered in the US. Following the joy of receiving the news that they are expecting multiple babies, parents are often given a stream of bad news, including the likelihood of pregnancy complications, pre-term delivery, and birth defects. This doomsday prediction can leave prospective parents distressed and disillusioned.


Located in Scottsdale Arizona, the Elliott Center for Multiples provides mothers expecting high-order multiples the peace of mind of knowing that they and their babies will receive the best possible start to their lives together. Guided by legendary perinatologist, Dr. John Elliott, the Center combines proven protocols with the most extensive experience in the world to address the unique needs of mothers expecting triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and more. Expectant mothers interested in being guided through a successful pregnancy arrive in Scottsdale at week 18 or 19 and stay until all babies come home from the hospital.


Mothers, insurers, corporations or intermediaries may apply for a mother to be accepted into the Elliott Center program. Formal acceptance is contingent upon the Elliott Center negotiating and signing a special contract and payment arrangements with the mother’s medical insurance provider.

Dr. John Elliott

Dr. John Elliott has helped to deliver over 2600 babies, who arrived in twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, and more. Through his unique, proven methods, Dr. Elliott has been able to consistently obtain the highest gestational age for high-order multiple deliveries. Dr. Elliott is an internationally recognized authority in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and has distinguished himself both as a practicing physician and as an educator. His articles are recognized as ground breaking and important to Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the care of high-risk pregnancies. Dr. Elliott teaches at both national and international meetings, conferences and symposia. He serves on numerous professional boards and has received awards and grants for his outstanding work and service to the medical community.


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